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A CHARMING LADY is honored to provide a product line that is built on integrity, appreciation for nature's goodness, and understanding what the hair needs.
The opening of the pores of the scalp are imperative to ensure the ingredients in a product are able to stimulate the scalp properly. Proper stimulation of the scalp and opening of the pores promote hair growth and hydration. Let the goodness of our ingredients help your care regimen elevate.


What is virgin hair?

Virgin Hair are extensions that originate from human donors. The highest percentage of donors originate from South America and with the proper maintenance and hair care regimen virgin hair will last 3 years or longer. Virgin hair can be colored and highlighted to your desired hair color preference when done properly.

Enjoy the creativity of creating various hair styles by flat ironing, curling, and use curl enhancement products.


                 YOU FEEL 
                              ENCOURAGED TO BE

A CHARMING LADY offers a variety of wig units. We provide custom machine sewn wigs and full lace wigs.

Custom Machine Sewn Wigs- Wigs created by a sewing machine, customized by measurements, and scalp like appearance created by a frontal piece or closure.
Full Lace Wigs- Wigs that provide a scalp like appearance from the forehead to the nape area.