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The average person's scalp produces up to 150,000 hair follicles over the course of there adult life. It is very imperative to properly care for your hair and start a complete hair care regimen. We understand that due to uncontrollable circumstances some may suffer hair loss for various reasons. The one undeniable fact is that the scalp always needs soothing and that applies to everyone. A complete hair care regimen will definitely put you on the path to a great hair   journey. Ous shampoo and conditioner's are designed to promote hair growth, open the pores, and hydrate the hair to produce health hair follicles.

What Products Should I Use?
Products that contain 80% or more of natural based ingredients. Artificial replacements won't aide in the proper hair care maintenance that the scalp needs to help open the pores and produce new hair follicles on the scalp. A very important reminder is to be mindful of the amount of water you drink daily. Hydrating the body has an enormous amount of benefits throughout the span of your life. Water reduces dry scalp, helps to add elasticity to the skin, and helps the body to naturally detox. 
What Foods Help The Hair ?

1. Rice Water (must moisturize hair while using rice water due to the amount of protein in the rice)
2.Fresh Avocados
3. Fresh Mayonnaise
4. 100% Castor Oil
5. Fatty Fish
6. Berries
7. Sweet Potatoes

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